6 Subtle Signs of Depression

Hello! Dr. Samantha Brustad here, licensed psychologist and owner of Teletherapy-Solutions.com. In today’s world, it is too easy to go on with our busy lives allowing symptoms of depression to go unnoticed. The good news is our body has in-built system which alerts us when we need to pay attention to the signals it is sending us. With awareness, we can learn to manage our stress like a pro. So, here are 6 signs of depression you should be aware of.

Feeling Anxious or Worried

Believe it or not, anxiety often goes hand and hand with depression. All of us experience worry and anxiety at one point or other. In fact, research has shown that low levels of anxiety can help improve performance and success… It is totally normal to feel anxiety before you try something new and courageous! But sometimes anxiety can become chronic, with physical, mental and cognitive impacts.
If your body chronically experiences the following symptoms, it may be trying to tell you it is in a state of anxiety:  Shortness of breath, heart palpitations, headache, stiff muscles, sweaty palms, shaking, dry mouth, or upset stomach.

Sleeping Problems

Sleeping issues are another common depression symptom that often goes overlooked, although it is present in almost all mental health issues. It is widely agreed upon in the psychology community that sleeping for too long or sleeping too little can be a sign you’re experiencing toxic stress.  When your sleep patterns are disrupted, it can impact your mood, ability to think clearly and your relationships.


A sudden change in appetite can be a clear indicator of depression. Some people respond to stress by over-eating, others experience a loss of appetite. While these symptoms may be a temporary reaction to stress, if they become chronic, they may lead to more severe symptoms, including disordered eating or serious health concerns.


Most of us love to have some personal space in our lives. But, isolating or withdrawing from friends and/or family excessively can be a clear indicator of depression. Without the support of our loved ones, mental health symptoms almost always worsen.  If you find yourself pulling away during times of stress, this may be a sign you are experiencing shame and you may benefit from talking to a trusted friend or mental health professional for support.


Frequently criticizing or blaming yourself is a clear sign of depression. Symptoms often present themselves as intrusive negative thoughts about yourself, your relationships, or about your future. If you find yourself constantly filled with self-doubt, it may be more than “pessimism” and you may benefit from support.

Feeling Unhappy

Have you noticed lately that you have lost interest in somethings you used to love? Perhaps you are experiencing subtle sadness, irritation, or maybe you have noticed yourself lacking energy and motivation.  If so, you may be experiencing low grade symptoms of depression.

While depression can be a dangerous illness, it is completely treatable, especially if you are proactive about seeking support.  The professional counselors at Teletherapy-Solutions.com offer mental health services to all of Florida. You are not alone. We are here to help!