Dr. Samantha Brustad here, licensed psychologist and owner of Teletherapy-Solutions.com. I am often asked, “Can couples counseling save a relationship?” In short, yes! Read on as I explain some of the ways couples counseling can improve and at times, even save a relationship.

Relationships involve a lot of work, and there is no relationship that does not experience some bumps in the road. But the issues that keep popping up, again and again, are the ones that need to be addressed if you wish to have a long-lasting and healthy partnership.

That’s where couples counseling comes in. Research has shown that couples who engage in couples counseling begin to communicate more effectively and are able to feel more empathy toward each other. If done correctly, couples counseling can help partners to overcome even the most difficult issues. While it requires efforts from both partners as well as a trained mental health professional, many that have embraced couples therapy have shared that counseling was what they needed to save their relationship.

Here are a few ways couples counseling with a licensed professional can help:

Improve communication:

Learn to understand different communication styles in order to help you to improve communication and learn how to be more attuned with your partner’s needs.

Move Past an Affair:

When either partner is not faithful in their relationship, the consequences can be devastating. Even when couples want to stay together after such incidents, it can lead to mistrust and a slew of negative emotions.  Couples counseling can help you to rebuild trust within your relationship, so you can begin to relax and enjoy your love.

Become Close Again:

Many couples visit a therapist because they feel their marriage has hit the slump. To avoid this loss of attachment, counselors show couples different ways to improve intimacy and strengthen their bond. Simply committing to engage in therapy together can be a powerful way to begin to rebuild your bond.

Build Trust:

Trust is one of the major reasons why couples seek the help of a therapist. Counselors help couples to overcome hurt and build the process of trust with one another.

If your relationship is experiencing one of the common issues described above, you may benefit from seeking the help of a professional counselor. Simply the act of reaching out may bring immediate relief!