Frequently Asked Questions

Teletherapy Solutions is an online platform connecting real therapists with people via privacy enabled video chat. We are the perfect solution for the motivated client with limited availability, barrier to in-person therapy or in need of lower cost services.

All of our clinicians are clinical psychologists (PhD, Psy.D) or master’s level therapists (LSW, LMFT, LMHC), all clinicians are licensed and in good standing with their professional board.

  1. Most importantly, we strive to provide the highest quality care by adhering to guidelines for best practices and limiting the number of sessions our therapists provide each week. Our goal is to replicate the in-person therapeutic process as authentically as possible. As a result, we do not provide therapy via text or email.
  2. Unlike other online counseling platforms, Teletherapy Solutions allows clients the freedom of choosing their own therapist while avoiding the frustrations of searching for the right person. Our unique new client questionnaire does the leg work for you, providing you with your top matches.

Telehealth Solutions is composed of licensed therapists, all of which have earned a masters or doctorate degree and are currently certified and in good standing with their professional Florida state board. Our therapists come from a variety of backgrounds and specialize in treating a wide range of issues.

Therapists working with Teletherapy Solutions are independent contractors. They are typically self-motivated, driven professionals seeking additional income or the freedom to work for themselves.

Because the therapeutic process is incredibly unique, the length of treatment will vary per person and per therapeutic goal. Typically, weekly sessions are recommended at the onset of treatment, with decreased frequency as progress is made, but your therapist will be able to provide more specific recommendations.

Sessions are 30, 50 or 90 minutes long. We recommend the initial session to be a minimum of 50 minutes to allow you enough time to connect with your new therapist, provide background information and make a game plan.

Teletherapy has been shown to be a viable alternative to in-person therapy.  It can help anyone looking to improve their life, seeking deeper understanding or in need of support and guidance with a troubling issue.

Teletherapy Solutions can offer an important first line of support for someone experiencing too much anxiety to enter a therapy room, or a solution for anyone interested in therapy but unable to visit the doctor’s office due to limited availability, funds or access to transportation.

  • You are experiencing a crisis or emergency situation.
  • You currently have thoughts of hurting yourself or others.
  • You have been recently hospitalized due to mental illness, or a health professional has recommended you to be in psychotherapy or under psychiatric care.
  • You have been mandated by a court order or by any other authority to receive mental health care.
  • You do not have access to internet and a private place to talk.

If you are in need of in-person therapy, we recommend you search for local providers via google or  You may also contact your insurance provider to learn more about your options.  Remember to ensure your therapist holds an active license. You can verify any providers license number here

Teletherapy Solutions is seeking self-motivated licensed therapists. Click here to learn more about qualifications and to apply.

The therapeutic bond is absolutely essential to any successful mental health treatment. We want you to feel empowered to find a therapist who you feel safe with.  We are happy to re-match you at your request.

  • Monthly subscription
    $5.99 *
  • 30-minute brief therapy session
  • 50-minute therapy hour
  • 90-minute therapy session
  • Couples 50-minute therapy hour
  • Couples 90-minute session
  • 90-minute family session
    $175 **

* Our monthly membership fee holds your place as an active client in our HIPAA compliant, privacy enabled database. You can cancel your membership at anytime.

** Why this much? Telehealth Solutions is seeking to replicate the high quality of Dr. Brustad’s private practice, in which the number of cases assigned to a clinician is limited in order to ensure specialized and individualized care. By minimizing the overhead costs of an office, we are able to offer these services to you for about half the price.

Sessions are completed via privacy enabled (HIPAA compliant) video chat. You do not need to download software, all you will need is a private place where you feel safe to talk, and a reliable internet connection.

Teletherapy Solutions does not bill insurance directly. However, all clients are provided with a receipt of services. While some insurance policies may provide some type of reimbursement, we recommend asking your insurance provider if your policy includes “out of network” benefits for mental health, specifically telehealth, as policy benefits vary greatly.

A message from Dr. Brustad: Because of the structure of our current healthcare system, many insurance policies do not even cover mental health care. If they do, they may limit the number of sessions and require submission of detailed personal information. For these reasons, many people either choose, or must, receive treatment from providers outside of their insurance panel network. From the clinician’s perspective, accepting insurance is often accompanied by headaches as therapists fight to receive reimbursement and burn out as they often must take on a large caseload to make a reasonable income.