Hello! Amanda Ashley, lead therapist at Teletherapy-Solutions.com, here today to help you learn how to master anxiety!

What exactly is anxiety and how do we master it? Anxiety isn’t something you just wake up with one day and it’s not something you can resolve in one day. Anxiety is a response to many different things. It’s our body’s way of telling us to pay attention and use caution! Anxiety can feel very uncomfortable 😣 It can seemingly come out of nowhere, raise your body temperature, elevate your heart rate and even the pace of your thoughts making them too fast to process all at once. It can sometimes even feel overwhelming or even scary.

There are some situations in life where we respond to our anxiety much easier than we do others. For example, simply forgetting to set your alarm clock for work and oversleeping can cause anxiety that lasts for that moment or could last throughout the day depending on how you respond. Our emotions are responses that tell us how we feel about what’s going on inside of us or around us. They’re important and anxiety tells us to proceed with caution and make better choices that align with where we are in life. If you’re stressed and overwhelmed and lack support you may tend to have more anxiety that someone who has less responsibilities and more support. This is a valid response! Who knew anxiety doesn’t make us crazy it keeps us sane! 🤷🏽‍♀️ If you have increased anxiety exercise increased self-care and look at how you’re responding to your emotions. Living a balanced lifestyle can decrease stress significantly!

3 Tips to Mastering Anxiety:

1. Turn off all social media notifications

When we turn off social media notifications it allows us to put less focus on virtual connections and more on organic in person connections. This is often less intrusive and distracting and provides more genuine connections.

2. Manage your relationships effectively

Taking time to focus on maintaining healthy and positive relationships is vital in emotion health!

3. Keep a working budget

Financial stress can wreck havoc on any relationship and kills vibes all day. Maintaining a working budget allows you to properly plan and prioritize your finances appropriately.


For more tips, check out some of my other blogs & if you’re interested in anxiety therapy, learn how to get started now!