Sisi Zhao

Hi! I’m Sisi Zhao, Licensed Mental Health Counselor and expert in all thing’s anxiety! I understand just how debilitating and all-encompassing anxiety can be. This fuels my passion to help children, teens and adults who find themselves overcome by fear, self-doubt and the exhaustion of chronic stress.

I specialize in helping those who are struggling to recover from traumatic experiences, those dealing with the toxic stress of chronic health issues, as well as the perfectionist who constantly questions and second guesses their abilities.

While my top priority is to provide evidenced-based interventions to help alleviate symptoms quickly, my approach to therapy is very person-centered. This means that I want to empower you to be an equal partner in the planning of your care and I utilize our relationship to help you to strengthen your relationship with yourself.

I am a nationally certified Rehabilitation Counselor with experience helping those recovering from substance use issues. I am also happy to offer my services in both English and Mandarin.

Certification Licensed Mental Health Counselor
License Number MH 17912
Experience 5 years

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology - George Mason University
Master of Arts in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling - University of South Florida

Fun Fact I was born in China and can speak fluent Mandarin however cannot read or write it too well.
Favorite Show Law and Order: SVU

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